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Qatar’s Ramadan car parade: This year, every day is National Day


All photos by Bosco Menezes (Big B Photography)

The ongoing Gulf crisis has resulted in a burst of nationalistic feelings in Qatar, among expats and locals alike.

Nowhere is this more visibly evident than on the Corniche, during the daily Ramadan car parades.

The annual tradition involves young people driving nice cars down Qatar’s main thoroughfare shortly before sunset. The activity helps pass the time before iftar and gives people a chance to socialize.

2017 Ramadan car parade. Credit: Bosco Meneze

But this year, it’s also offered a rare opportunity for residents to rally for Qatar’s leader, who is fending off calls from neighbors to change the country’s foreign policy.

Bringing people together

To show their support of Sheikh Tamim and Qatar, many motorists in the parade have adorned their cars with Qatari flags, as well as images of the Emir and Father Emir.

For those who haven’t yet had a chance to decorate their rides, some people could be seen passing out stickers on the Corniche.

2017 Ramadan car parade. Credit: Bosco Meneze

According to photographer Bosco Menezes, who has lived in Qatar for almost 40 years, the Gulf disupute has changed things.

They “have brought us all living in Qatar together,” he said. “The kids saluting just warms your heart. Amazing.”


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