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QDC: Pork now available for purchase in Qatar


Pork meat is now available in Qatar, an employee at the Qatar Distribution Company has confirmed. 

As a conservative Muslim country, Qatar has previously limited access to alcohol and completely banned pork meat in the country, as both products are considered haram, or unlawful, in Islam.

But rumors have been swirling for months that QDC, the only place where expats can purchase alcohol for home consumption, would begin selling the previously forbidden meat at its Doha location.

There’s also talk of a QDC opening on the Pearl in early 2012, which will sell both alcohol and pork.

Sales of pork bacon and sausage began two days ago, the QDC employee told Doha News. He did not clarify whether the meat would require a permit for purchase or be sold on a quota card, like alcohol is.

But customers said all that is needed is an alcohol permit to enter QDC, which only non-Muslims expats are presumably allowed to hold.

On Qatar Living, the development has already sparked excitement and dismay among Qatar residents.

Commenter qatarisAWESOME said:

SeriouslY?? …whats next? legalization of abortion in qatar??

User Alumnar said:

A pack of 8 sausages costs 28 Riyals. Available regular, cumberland and lincolnshire. Bacon: smoked or non-smoked, both in rashers or thick slices. Each pack 28 Riyals too. Expensive but available! I bet there is none left by tomorrow – QDC looked worse than Lulu on weekends at 4pm 😉

Commenter initiator said:

They should not sell it. It only appeals to some expatriates in Qatar, albeit a tiny percentage of them, and like any country in the world it is reasonable enough to expect some degree of respect for the local laws and norms. Qatar is a pretty liberal place any ways, and the people who do eat pork, will not be giving up too much in other ways by not eating it.

What do you guys think?

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