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    QSA: New figures show that one-fifth of Qatari marriages end before they’ve even begun


    Some 21 percent of divorces in Qatar last year occurred before the marriages had even been consummated, according to new Qatar Statistic Authority figures.

    That figure is down from 29 percent in 2009, but the problem persists in part because of a cultural preference to draw marriage papers for young people just as they are betrothed.

    In some cases, the husband and wife soon find out they are incompatible and call it quits before an official wedding is even held, prompting some to question whether their split should be called a divorce.


    QSA, which has just released its annual statistics about marriage and divorce, also states that 67.6 percent of women who divorced in Qatar last year had no children – a 10 percent increase from 2010.

    The statistic suggests that many marriages are breaking up because the couple are unable to conceive, not entirely surprising given Qatar’s family-focused society.

    It also found that only 3.1 percent of divorced women in Qatar have more than six children. 

    Last year’s figures also suggested a correlation between the number of children and a decreasing divorce rate, with 16 percent of divorces reported among couples with one child, and only 9 percent for those with two children.

    Figures published by the QSA earlier this year found that the marriage rate amongst Qataris is at a 10-year low.

    These latest figures reflect this trend, with marriage contracts amongst Qataris down 1.3 percent compared with 2010.

    The QSA has suggested that higher levels of education amongst female Qataris, more Qatari women working and the high cost of weddings are factors behind the lower marriage rates.


    Credit: Photo by Grand Velas Riviera


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