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Ramadan diary: Qataris love to share food


In honor of a month that affects all Qatar residents, we are launching a Ramadan diary feature and invite your short (200-300 words) submissions.

We are looking for anecdotes, thoughts, reflections and experiences on Ramadan. These can be good/bad/black/white/gray and come from non-Muslims and Muslims. We ask only that the submission relate to Qatar in some way.

Kicking off the series is this piece on what some describe as a communal atmosphere descending on Qatar during Ramadan. Submit your reflections here.

By Ghazanfarulla Khan

The holy month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and lasts 29 to 30 days based on the crescent moon sighting.

Every Muslim is required to fast for a month for the sake of demonstrating submission to God and to gain rewards which are believed to be multiplied.

Ramadan in Qatar or anywhere else in the Middle East is almost similar. When I recently visited Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, I saw how Muslims from all over the world came together to spend time in devotion to the Almighty…

There, locals bring dates and tea or kahwa and invite all to sit with them to break their fasts. Everyone becomes a family regardless of where they come from and what language they speak. The atmosphere is so peaceful you don’t feel you are away from home.

Qatar sets up huge tents with carpets and air conditioning in almost all areas where iftar is broken and these tents serve everyone who visits them. Being with family, I visit these places with some homemade dishes to share with others present there.

Tasty free food

This year, the food will spread across more areas and more people will be served as said by the government. The government is doing a great job with such programs during the holy month of Ramadan.

Also, many Qataris serve the people who bring their empty hot pots and bottles with dishes such as haleem and laban. There are only a few who do this at their homes. If you are staying around a sheikh or big Qatari then you are sure to receive some tasty food.

Also Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) has launched their Ramadan charity program under the theme “Think of others to make the world happy” where you can donate at their donation booths across Qatar to provide the needy with basic amenities.

Wishing you a Happy Ramadan, may it be filled with good health and lots of blessings to you and your family.

Credit: Photo by Pink Farasha

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