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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Rash of reports have residents wondering, is theft on the rise in Qatar?


A spate of recent reports involving thefts in malls, homes and cars across Doha have some residents keeping a closer eye on their belongings.

Earlier this month in Barwa Village, there were reports of home thefts in broad daylight, while just over the weekend, residents reported that their car windows were broken into and belongings stolen from a busy restaurant parking lot at Ramada junction.

And today, Gulf Times reports:

Visitors to the country’s popular shopping destinations should be vigilant and beware of thieves. Several cases of theft have been reported in city’s malls recently.

An Arab woman yesterday lost her handbag containing cash, mobile phone, credit cards, Qatari ID card, and three passports among other things from her baby cart which also carried her two young children.

A source said the lady could notice her bag missing only when she approached the cash counter for making the payment for her purchases. The bag contained about QR700 in cash.

Her husband said when he called her on her mobile from his office, someone else answered but then the phone was switched off instantaneously.

In most places, news of handbags being stolen out of cars and shopping carts would hardly raise an eyebrow.

But in a country where crime is virtually non-existent, even small thefts are a cause for concern, residents say. 

On Qatar Living, commenter 2012 Olympics said:

This is what happens when government has low salary requirement for families and allows low salaried workers and so-called professionals to live outside industrial zone.

I am happy the salary requirement is raised and workers are being prohibited from living in family areas. It is a wise move and a start. 

Commenter Fubar said:

Unless people are paid a decent wage, a society will descend into crime.This really should come as no surprise.

As for the idea that crime is increasing – how can anyone determine whether it is going up, down or staying the same, since there is very little coverage of such incidents in the local papers.

Qatar police have not officially weighed in on the matter, asking only that residents remain vigilant and careful while they investigate the thefts.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to keep your stuff safe, courtesy of dd2022dd on Qatar Living:

  • Ensure doors and windows are locked before leaving the house;
  • Never leave your vehicle running and unattended even if you are geting out just to grab something from a nearby store;
  • Test the strength of your current door lock; if you feel it’s vulnerable get it replaced;
  • Get to know your neighbors (get their contact numbers, etc) so that they can be of help in an hour of need; and
  • Observe things around you, in case you see someone suspicious, don’t hesitate to ask why hes standing there.

Have you been the victim of any thefts or crime in Qatar recently? Do tell!

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