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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Correction: Cirque du Soleil says it is not coming to Mall of Qatar



Following on a report that popular circus dance troupe Cirque du Soleil could become a regular fixture here once the under-construction Mall of Qatar opens in 2015, the Canadian company has said no such deal has been made.

Speaking to Doha News, a spokeswoman for Cirque du Soleil said that the troupe “will not perform in this mall.”

Shem Krey, the deputy managing director of the $824 million new mega mall, which will be located in Al Rayyan, was quoted today by Arabian Business saying that a deal has been signed with the producers of the group, in part to help Qatar rival Dubai as a shopping destination:

“Instead of building a large aquarium or a large fountain or a very large wow factor within the forum, which is about half the size of a football pitch, were going to have actual stage productions.

There’s a complete family entertainment plan and complete family adaptation so that the mall isn’t just for the shopping that you wish to do, but that there’s also an attempt to entertain everyone within the family.”

The troupe has been to Qatar twice, performing Dralion last month and Saltimbanco last year.

The Mall of Qatar, which falls under UrbaCon General Contracting, was not immediately available for comment.

Earlier this month, Krey asserted that Qatar’s existing malls were “looking a bit tired” and that residents have been searching for the stimulation a new, larger shopping center could provide.



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8 years ago

And they will also include live performances by Brazil’s football team. . . .

I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, it’s all false hopes and claims.

8 years ago

Of course it’s not. Doha News will print this ridiculous conjecture but not repeat valid stories from reliable media outlets regarding the murder of an expat woman. Talk about self-censorship.

8 years ago
Reply to  DavidRSS8

Doha News does a very good job of providing us with news about Qatar. Not sure what you consider a reliable media outlet but certainly the press in the UK has not covered itself in glory in recent years.

8 years ago
Reply to  Pete

Normally I am a great fan of Doha News. Just not in this instance.

8 years ago

Guys, give Doha News a break! Everyone makes mistakes, and they’re the best source of news about Qatar in the recent years. Thank you Doha News team for all your efforts!

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