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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Report: Qataris make up less than 4% of local media workers


The Qatar Statistics Authority has released its 2010 report on media, culture and tourism in the country. The 24-page spreadsheet shows last year saw a rise in cinemas, an uptick in tourism and an increase in locally-issued magazines, from 3 to 7.

Events at the National Theatre also saw a big jump, from 41 in 2009 to 125 in 2010. 

One of the most notable figures in the chart though, was that out of 1,500 local media jobs, Qataris held a meager 56 of them. About 1/5 of those positions were either Editor-in-Chief or Vice Chief. In fact, there was only one listed Qatari photographer.

Another telling figure was that women occupied less than 8 percent of Qatar’s media jobs last year.  

Take a gander at the full report here:

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What do you think? Can journalistic organizations perform their civic duties when so few citizens are involved in it?

Credit: Photo by Ammar Abd Rabbo and released under Creative Commons

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