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Return of weddings, kids at malls: Qatar outlines Phase 2 conditions for easing restrictions


Phase two of the four-phase plan for the gradual lifting of restrictions is set to come into effect on June 18, 2021. 

Qatar’s cabinet has issued a list of all the conditions and directives for Phase 2 of the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

The new eased regulations are part of a four-phase plan introduced by the ministry of health and the ministry of commerce in early May following a significant dip in daily and active cases in the last month.

Updated measures

Governmental and private sectors will be allowed to operate at 80% capacity of the total number of employees, with the rest working remotely or upon request, depending on the circumstances.

Only 15 fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to be physically present at meetings, while others to attend remotely if needed.

Non-vaccinated employees in the private and governmental sectors or those who did not complete both doses of the vaccine will have to take a rapid antigen test that is accredited by the ministry of health on a weekly basis to ensure they are Covid-19 free.

Vaccinated and recovered individuals are exempt from taking the rapid antigen test.

Shopping malls will be allowed to operate at 50% capacity, while food courts, mosques, and toilets will re-open with 30% capacity. Children under the age of 12 will now be allowed to enter malls again starting from Friday.

Traditional markets, or souqs, and wholesale markets will be allowed to operate all week with a capacity not exceeding 50%, the cabinet stressed, adding that children under the age of 12 will now be allowed to enter.

Mosques to continue operating for daily and Friday prayers, with children under seven years of age prohibited from entering. Toilets and ablution facilities to remain closed until further notice.

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A maximum of 10 people who have completed doses of the Covid-19 vaccine allowed to gather in closed places in homes, or a maximum of five people if one of them has not completed both doses.

A maximum of 20 people who have completed both doses of the vaccine, or 10 people who have not completed or have yet to receive doses of the vaccine in outdoor areas of homes.

After a long wait, weddings will now be permitted at hotels and wedding venues for up to 40 people of which at least 75% must be vaccinated, starting Friday.

Up to 15 vaccinated people to be allowed in private boats, boat rentals, and tourist boats, at 50% capacity, while allowing only 3 non-vaccinated within that capacity.  Employees must be vaccinated.

Amusement parks and all entertainment centres can now operate at a capacity not exceeding 30% in open spaces and 20% in closed spaces, provided that 75% of the customers are fully vaccinated.

Up to 10 people or individuals from the same family will be allowed to gather at parks, beaches and corniche. Private beaches will be open at 40% capacity. Individual sports such as walking, running and cycling are allowed, while playgrounds and sports equipment in those places will remain closed.

Libraries and museums will operate at a 50% capacity for everyone, with cinemas and theatres operating at 30% capacity and at least 75% of customers must be vaccinated.

Selected exhibitions, conferences and fairs will be allowed at 30% capacity, following a risk assessment and approval from the ministry.

Private educational and training centres, in addition to nurseries and childcare facilities, will operate at 30% capacity. All employees must be vaccinated.

Restaurants and cafes will operate outdoors at a 50% capacity, with indoor restaurants under the Qatar Clean list being restricted to 30% only for those who have received their vaccines.

Buses will remain at 50% capacity during this phase.

Professional training will now be allowed indoors and outdoors, meanwhile, amateur training cannot exceed 20 vaccinated people outdoors and 10 vaccinated people indoors.

Local and international sporting events to continue with 30% capacity outdoor, provided 75% of the public are vaccinated, and 20% capacity in doors only for fully vaccinated. An approval from the ministry is also required for operation.

Health clubs, physical training clubs, and massage services to operate at 40% capacity, provided that all workers in those facilities and customers have completed doses of the vaccine.

Swimming pools and water parks to operate at 40% in open spaces and 20% in closed places, with only fully vaccinated allowed in.

Public transportation to continue operating at 30% capacity. Smoking areas will remain closed.

No more than four people allowed in a vehicle, including the driver of the vehicle, with the exception of family members residing in the same house.

All citizens and residents to wear masks when leaving the house for any reason, unless the person is alone or with family while driving in a vehicle.

All citizens and residents need to activate EHTERAZ on their smartphones when leaving the house for any reason.

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