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#Save_Burqa: social media users in Qatar lead calls to save Palestinian village


Settlers continue to attack Palestinians under the protection of the ISraeli occupation forces.

Social media users in Qatar have been tweeting under the hashtag #Save_Burqa amid escalating attacks carried out by Israeli settlers against Palestinians living in various villages in the illegally occupied West Bank.

In Qatar, journalists and activists called for an immediate halt of the settler-led violence in the Palestinian village.

“The West Bank has recently witnessed a significant escalation of settler attacks, while a time passed when the settler only moved with soldiers for fear of resistance,” tweeted Izzadeen Ahmad, a journalist at Al Araby TV.

Another Twitter user in Qatar said: “Prayer and social media are all we have. Do not waste this very simple effort to defend our sanctities in Palestine and stand in solidarity with Palestine and its people and their resistance.”

Besides Burqa, attacks against Palestinians also took place in other areas in the occupied West Bank, including the village of Bazariya.

The attacks on Burqa intensified on Thursday with a violent settler rally taking place in villages in the West Bank as Israeli occupation forces attacked Palestinians with rubber-coated steel bullets.

The director of the Ambulance and Emergency department at the Palestinian Red Crescent Society [PRCS] in Nablus Governorate, Ahmad Jibril, said on Saturday that medics had thus far treated 247 injuries.

Some Palestinians were injured with live ammunition and over 100 others were suffocated by teargas, including a pregnant woman who had to be evacuated from her home.

Meanwhile, images and videos showed thousands of zionist settlers chanting racist slogans while destroying Palestinian properties, attempting to set houses on fire and smashing and desecrating cemeteries.

Farmers and journalists were also attacked.

Speaking to Doha News, British-Palestinian academic Dr. Azzam Tamimi said that the latest crimes committed by settlers do not come as a surprise.

“The Zionist colonial invasion is a settler project in essence. This is what early invaders did to the Palestinians culminating with the Nakba in 1948 when the majority of the natives were dispossessed and banished,” said Dr. Tamimi.

The academic noted that the Zionist aggression will continue until it reaches “one of three outcomes”, citing past colonial settler projects.

“The first outcome is a decisive victory of the settler project, where the natives are exterminated, just as what happened in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand,” said Dr. Tamimi.

He added that the second outcome would include “a decisive victory of the struggling natives and the expulsion of the invading colonialists”, using Algeria and Vietnam as examples.

“The third outcome is a settlement by which all inhabitants of the land become equal citizens and the Apartheid regime is replaced by a democracy, similar to what happened in South Africa. So far, it would seem that the third outcome is unlikely,” said the academic.

Israeli expansion

According to the Palestinian news agency [WAFA], zionist settlers protected by the Israeli army repeatedly attack or attempted to attack homes of Palestinians at the outskirts of the villages of Burqa, Sebastia and Bazariya.

Qatar’s Shura Council backs Palestine at Turkey Islamic union meeting

Settler mobs assaulted any Palestinian passing by without provocation. Fifty-year-old Mohammed Hijja was attacked by Israeli settlers over the weekend while he was walking home, he said his attackers proceeded to inject him with an unknown drug.

The settlers have been gathering at the illegal Homesh outpost, northwest of Nablus, to commemorate an Israeli settler, Yehuda Dimentman, who was killed by two Palestinians on December 16.

Ultra-Orthodox settler groups have been urging the Israeli government to allow them to return to the illegal Homesh settlement, which was evacuated in 2005.

According to WAFA, there are over 500,000 Israeli settlers living in Jewish-only colonial settlements across the West Bank in violation of international law.

Under the Israeli governments protection coupled with a lack of proper action by the international community, settler violence continues in illegally occupied Palestinian lands in a bid to force out the indigenous Arab population.

This is seen on a daily basis in areas like the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, where several Palestinian families face the constant threat of forced dispossession.

Qatar is among the countries that has long condemned Israel’s actions while ruling out normalisation with Tel Aviv as long as it continues to deny Palestinians their human rights.

In October, Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani clarified his country’s stance on the issue.
“We have repeated this plenty of times, this expansionist policy that Israel is doing by expanding settlements and escalating against the Palestinian people is a huge violation and unfortunately we have seen the international community deal with this issue in double standards,” he said.

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