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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

SEC lists names of 15 new schools opening this fall in Qatar



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For those still hunting for school places for their children this September, the Supreme Education Council has released a list of 15 new schools that are planning to open their doors next month.

That includes six kindergartens and nine new mostly primary schools. Through these new schools, the SEC is aiming to help mitigate the increasing strain on Qatar’s education system, which is struggling with a school place crunch.

Some 28 private schools had applied for licenses to begin operating this fall, but only about half have apparently met the requirements for a September start.

About 22 other schools are expected to open by the end of the coming school year, between October 2014 and May 2015. Additionally, the SEC has pledged to open nine more kindergartens by December.

In a statement, the education council advised parents to ensure they register their children only at schools that have licenses to operate in Qatar.


Of the 15 new schools, six are independent (public schools), four follow an Indian curriculum, two are British, two are American and one is Finnish. Here’s a breakdown provided by the Peninsula:

SEC schools

The SEC added that some seven new branches of existing schools will also be opening across the country, including French, Syrian, American, British and Indian schools:

SEC schools

A full list is expected to be posted on the SEC’s website sometime this week, and updated throughout the school year.



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7 years ago

The Special Needs school is badly needed in Qatar so that is a welcome addition.

Sherif Mohamed Yehia
Sherif Mohamed Yehia
6 years ago
Reply to  MIMH

pearlind Season international school of doha has special needs teachers

7 years ago

I have a way to elavate the burden… It involves several one way flight tickets 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  A_qtr

Bye. We’ll miss you. Don’t rush back, though, ok?

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