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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Seeing ‘no glint of hope’ in Syria, GCC recalls its ambassadors


Six months after Qatar recalled its ambassador to Syria, the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council has decided to follow suit.

In a statement released this afternoon, the GCC said:

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, current head of the council, announces that the GCC states have decided to withdraw all their ambassadors from Syria and also demand that all ambassadors of the Syrian regime in its lands leave immediately.

“The council considers that it is necessary for the Arab states… to take every decisive measure faced with this dangerous escalation against the Syrian people. Nearly a year into the crisis, there is no glint of hope in a solution.”

In July, Qatar shuttered its embassy in Damascus and recalled its ambassador amid attacks on an Al Jazeera bureau there over coverage of the Syrian government’s crackdowns against protesters.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait followed suit, recalling their ambassadors and further isolating Assad and his government. It is unclear whether the countries allowed their ambassadors to return before this latest decision.

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