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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Shura Council approves draft law making health insurance mandatory


The legislative body discussed the draft law regulating healthcare services in Qatar.

The Shura Council has approved draft legislation that will make health insurance mandatory for all expatriates and visitors of Qatar.

Under the chairmanship of Speaker Ahmed al-Mahmoud, the council discussed the draft law, which has 47 articles and 6 chapters. The proposed new law also maintains the provision of health care services to citizens in government facilities free of charge.

Officials also reviewed the supplementary report of the Public Services and Utilities Committee during their weekly meeting to regulate healthcare services in Qatar.

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The draft law makes it a prerequisite to have health insurance before a residence permit can be granted or renewed. This will mean that everyone in Qatar has to have valid health insurance in case of any medical emergency or are in need of medical care.

If implemented, visitors and expatriates will require to submit proof they have health insurance valid for the duration of their stay before being granted a visa or residency permit.

After discussion, the draft law was approved by the council and its recommendations in this regard were referred to the ‘government.’ This follows an earlier approval by the Cabinet, which also deemed the draft law suitable.

Qatar’s health ministry will set standards for the provision of healthcare services in government and private health facilities under the draft law. The ministry will also supervise compulsory health insurance.

Under the draft law, people will not have to show insurance or pay any amount until the danger has overcome. In case the health facility is not covered under the insurance, it is required to refer to the insurance company, or the employer to pay the cost of this service.

The rights and duties of patients when receiving health care services are also defined under the draft, in addition to all the obligations of other parties to ensure no violations are made.

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