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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Sidra Medicine launches women’s aesthetic clinic


Sidra Medicine appoints international experienced surgeons to operate in the newly-launched Women’s Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine clinic.

Sidra Medicine announced on Saturday a recent upgrade offering women exclusive services with the launch of an Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine clinic.

“The new private based service offers breast consultation, face surgeries, body sculpting and aesthetic medicine treatments. The clinic is headed by renowned plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Chiara Botti,” stated the hospital. 

Breast consultation, including surgeries for augmentation, reduction, mastopexy and lipofilling, as well as Face surgeries and consultations for lifting, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, mentoplasty and zygomosplasty are among the services available. 

The newly-launched centre will also offer body sculpting surgeries such as liposculpture, abdominosplasty and lipofilling. 

As for Aesthetic medicine treatments, the clinic will provide fillers, dermabrasion and botox.

“Women’s wellness and aesthetic goes hand in hand with their mental and physical wellbeing. Our Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine clinic is centered on ensuring that our products and facilities are safe and that the procedures performed by our skilled and highly experienced physicians produce the best outcomes for our patients, within the least recovery period,” said Dr. Chiara Botti who is a member of the AICPE (Italian Association of Aesthetic plastic surgery).

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“Our line of clinical services is based on providing integrated, state-of-the-art healthcare to support and care for women throughout their life – from puberty to menopause. The launch of the Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine clinic at Sidra Medicine is another step towards expanding our women’s services offering, with a holistic approach to care,” Dr. Barbro Fridén, Chief Executive Officer at Sidra Medicine said in a statement.

Dr. Botti will be visiting the clinic on a locum basis, as her first clinic for new patients will be open from March 1 till 4. 

“With the broad spectrum of clinics now available at our hospital including maternity, gynaecology, reproductive medicine, adult pain, internal medicine, perinatal mental health and now women’s wellness, we are ensuring that women in Qatar have access to the best services based on personal choice and preference,”  Dr. Fridén added.

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