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The six most popular news stories of 2014 in Qatar


As the sun sets on 2014, here's a look at the stories that mattered to Qatar residents most.
As the sun sets on 2014, take a look at the stories that mattered to Qatar residents most.

The past year has flown by in a whirlwind of developments, tragedies, celebrations and suspense for Qatar residents.

From kafala reform to Salwa Road flooding to the long-awaited opening of Hamad International Airport, here are some of the stories that appeared to resonate most with our audience in 2014:

1. Reforms to Qatar’s sponsorship law announced

Qatar flag
Photo for illustrative purposes only.

More than any other, the story that really struck a chord with most people in Qatar this year was an announcement to change the sponsorship law for non-nationals.

Despite the initial hype, however, many remain confused about what will actually be changed, and when. Though officials promise to make it easier for expats to leave the country and switch jobs, some have said the announced reforms do not go far enough to protect human rights.

And despite hope for a speedy passage, implementation of labor law changes have been pushed to 2015.

2. Explosion at gas station kills 11 people

Scene of the blast on Feb. 27, 2014.

In one of Qatar’s deadliest incidents in recent memory, 11 people were killed and 35 others injured after a gas explosion at a Turkish restaurant near Landmark Mall on Feb. 27.

The blast was apparently caused by an oven that was not properly turned off. It leaked gas for hours before a spark from a nearby refrigerator caused the explosion.

Nobody was inside Istanbul restaurant at the time of the accident, and the majority of those killed and injured were eating at a neighboring cafe.

The restaurants were situated inside of a petrol station, spurring authorities to crack down on other eateries using gas to cook food.

Four men are on trial for negligence over the deaths, in a case that is ongoing.

3. Riot police respond to Sheraton brawl

Scene of the brawl in June.

An altercation between some security guards and construction workers at the Sheraton Doha hotel turned into an all-out brawl in June, shocking residents and prompting authorities to deploy four buses of riot police.

Apparently fed up with their treatment, hundreds of workers began trashing the construction site, and some even attacked a portacabin full of employees. Video footage showed workers swinging large pieces of wood and throwing stones at the portacabin, where a handful of people including architects said they remained trapped until help arrived.

Passions eventually cooled, but news of the fight sparked conversations about workers’ treatment in Qatar. Protests are very rare here, but taken seriously by authorities given the large number of construction workers in the country.

4. Shiny New Hamad International Airport opens

Hamad International Airport.

It’s finally open! After years of flying in and out of the outdated and over-capacity Doha International Airport, residents now enter and leave Qatar from a sparkling new facility.

Yes, some residents do still need to use buses to get to and from aircraft, and the lines at immigration are sometimes much too long. But to help ease our pain, Hamad International offers 80 retail outlets, 30 cafes/restaurants, several lounges, children’s play areas and a giant yellow teddy bear.

But keeping an eye on the future, as Qatar continues to rapidly grow as a passenger transit hub, authorities have already announced expansion plans that would increase airport capacity by two-thirds, to accommodate 50 million travelers a year by 2017. That construction is expected to start “soon.”

(For the nostalgic, here’s a list of five things we’ll miss about the DIA, and five things we won’t).

5. Death sentence handed down for Lauren Patterson murder

Lauren Patterson

Responding to a murder that horrified Qatar’s community, a lower court in Doha sentenced one man to the death penalty for his role in the killing of Lauren Patterson.

The 24-year-old British teacher went missing briefly before her smoldering remains were found in the desert by campers in October 2013.

A Qatari man, Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabar, was found guilty of murdering her in March of this year. His friend, Mohamed Abdallah Hassan Abdul Aziz, was sentenced to three years in prison for helping him burn Patterson’s body, as well as damage and erase evidence.

The case is now moving slowly through the appeals process, one that has been fraught with tension and emotional testimony.

6. Cars get stuck in Salwa Road underpass floods

Razy K Salam

When it rains, it pours. Or so it seemed in March, when sudden flooding inside Salwa Road underpasses caused several cars to get stuck, and traffic in the surrounding areas to become snarled for hours.

In response to criticism from Qatar residents – as the Salwa highway was brand-new, after all – Ashghal said the issue stemmed from as-yet uncompleted Abu Hamour infrastructure work.

But a month later, an investigative committee found both the public works authority and the contractor who worked on the underpasses responsible for the incident, citing lack of coordination, a failure to follow up and an absence of crisis management.

It appears that work is still going on the drainage systems needed to ensure such flooding doesn’t happen again. Only time will tell if another such disaster can be averted.

Karwa bus station accident
Karwa bus station accident

Looking for more? Here are the next most viewed stories on Doha News this year…

  1. Four people killed in bus station accident
  2. Death of Filipino family sparks road safety debate
  3. Security agent hailed for recovering $82,500 stolen at Qatar airport
  4. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain announce withdrawal of ambassadors from Qatar

And here’s a link to our annual report in numbers, comments, and other stuff about our viewers.

What moved you in 2014? Thoughts?


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7 years ago

You really outdid yourself this year Doha News,
Keep up the good work reporting :^)

7 years ago

I was looking at the stats and I saw you had 12 visitors from Greenland. Do you know them personally? 😀 :p

Omar Chatriwala
7 years ago
Reply to  Yacine

I don’t think we know anyone personally there 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  Yacine

I lived in Doha for a few months last year, back in Canada now and I still find Doha News a great place for keeping up with Qatar’s news!

7 years ago

surely the No1 slot would have been very popular, if only it hadn’t proven to be a hollow promise ?

7 years ago

The Point No.1…announced law or under review…?.

This delay made so many small issues evident to the world..We,ALL from Qatar took this news and made it to this level..

It could have been an action , instead of giving news or announcements again and again..

We all wish Qatar to be very successful Country..We support in all ways..

We see the callenging leaders on this country!!

7 years ago

I don”t need Jetpack statistic to know that MIMH will be on top of most active commenters on this website. Abdulrahman or Ivan Brendiesswski should be second but then Ivan disappear over a year ago and our Qatari friend Abdulrahman slow down for some reasons know to him(very tough and delightful b/w MIMH and AbdulRahman in the past b4 he slow down). DesertCard and Observant One are currently on top of their games. Our Qatari friend A_qtr is coming up strongly advocating for his or her people which is normal. Anonymous, fullmoon07, Mohammad AlBanai (alway fair in his comment), Osama Al Madeed, Yacine, maybe BBCA, Saeed Ahmed Khan (o noooo saeed!), Scarletti are in the same group. the new guy probably Qatari “Althani” will do well i believe.
Take out MIMH, dohanews loose 50% commenter. he is very controversial annnnnnd haaa! dont want MIMH to attack me with sarcastic and counter comment today.
Overall, its a wonderful 2014 full of good and sad stories on Dohanews. Hopefully, this year 2015 will be better and great for Qatar and experts.

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