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Skincare tips for busy mums, with Dermatologist Dr. Inna Gaponko


As a dermatologist, Dr. Inna Gaponko is a valued expert in her field. However, aside from being skilled in what she does, she is also a full-time mum with great skincare tips.

Naturally, and like many mums around the world, managing both a career and motherhood can sometimes mean limited time to dedicate to looking after oneself. But speaking to Doha News, Dr Inna says she is all for the challenges that come with both roles.

“I still can’t believe that it happened to me! It is amazing but extremely challenging, especially when trying to combine with work,” Dr Inna says of motherhood.

In fact, it’s these same challenges that forced the dermatologist to follow a more simplified approach to skincare, she says, recognising that the biggest struggle for most mums is both finding time for themselves and a lack of support at home. 

“Very often mothers come for beauty procedures with their kids because they have no one to look after them for 1-2 hours. Sometimes, we decide on a certain skin care regimen and the patient later tells me she couldn’t find the time to start it because she is torn between her newborn baby and work, with no support from anyone,” Dr Inna says. 

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For mums facing a similar scenario, Dr. Inna recommends being simple but consistent. “Find one cream that works for you and use it everyday. Regular use of one good cream or serum is better than ‘jumping’ from one product to another. Also, try not to forget to wash your face!” 

But sometimes washing your face is simply not enough and even busy mums deserve to be treated to occasional revitalising treatments, she says, advising mothers to ensure their skin gets essential vitamins and minerals. Certain deficiencies are quite common after delivery and breastfeeding and as a result “our skin becomes dull, dry and “unhappy”, the doctor warns.

As a first step, Dr. Inna recommends starting with “simple refreshing treatments like mesotherapy (vitamin injections in the skin) and PRP (injections of your own plasma). 

“Hydrafacials are also a great way to maintain your skin radiance when you lack night sleep,” she advises.

‘You deserve it’

Unpredictable days and long nights are all but inevitable for mums, and this can leave them both looking and feeling extra tired. While there is no magic wand for the Cinderella treatment, there are plenty of solutions that will help mothers at least feel, and look, more refreshed. 

“If you didn’t get enough rest, it’s important to pay more attention to your eyes. A quick tip is a five minute gentle massage with eye cream. An eye mask with calming gel will usually do the trick,” Dr Inna assures.

Morning skincare routines are also highly advisable, the doctor, who recommends an easy three step system, says. 

“Wash your face, apply some serum (preferably with antioxidants like vitamin C or Niacinamide), and put on some sunblock. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.” 

This should be repeated at the end of every day, though sunblock should be replaced with retinol (for non-breastfeeding mothers) as well as moisturiser. But of course, that can only really be effective with a great night sleep, Dr Inna says. “Your child needs a happy mother, so take care of yourself to feel beautiful and become happier.”

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Needless to say, the role of a mother is both challenging and rewarding, the expert dermatologist says. “You can take a break from being a super mum that tries to do everything. It’s okay to take a break. Have some time specifically for yourself. 

“Get a facial, buy yourself a new cream, or even get a massage. Remember: You deserve it,” she says. 

Dr. Inna Gaponko is a Dermatologist and Aesthetic Injector at Westbay Medicare Hospital. To enjoy helpful tips from Dr.Inna, visit her instagram: @dr.inna_g

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