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Sticking to nuclear disarmament, WMD treaties ‘a must for world peace’: Sheikha Alya


Qatar underlined the importance of adhering to nuclear disarmament and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) treaties in the 75th session of the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. 

Qatar emphasised the importance of complying with all conventions and treaties related to nuclear disarmament and WMD to achieve world peace, and warned against the phenomenon of cyberattacks

During the 75th session of the First Committee of UN General Assembly, Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al-Thani, Permanent Representative of Qatar to the United Nations Ambassador, stressed the importance of the agreements in achieving international peace and security and preserving future generations and environmental systems from the risk of those weapons. 

“The threat of proliferation of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, including chemical and biological weapons, continues to pose a threat to states and peoples and violates the human rights of many societies,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement, quoting Al-Thani’s comments during the sessions. 

“This danger increases with the possibility of terrorist groups obtaining these weapons, especially in areas affected by armed conflicts where there is no principles of legal accountability and accountability for the crimes and atrocities committed,” the statement added.

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During the UN general debate of all agenda items related to disarmament and international security, Al-Thani emphasised that any use of chemical weapons, regardless of its location and purpose, poses a serious threat to the nonproliferation system that the international community has worked to establish for decades.

She also highlighted the international community’s condemnation of the use of these deadly weapons in Syria, as confirmed by various UN reports, and asked for accountability for those who committed those crimes.

Addressing Qatar’s efforts, Al-Thani said that the country continues to develop and update national legislation related to weapons of mass destruction in an effort to fulfill its obligations under the agreements. 

In addition, Al-Thani also pointed out that today’s world is extremely dependent on communication technology in various fields, especially in light of the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Referring to the cyber attack Qatar was subjected to years ago when the national Qatar News Agency was hacked, Al-Thani said that the misuse of cyberspace has become a serious threat to states and individuals, especially that it can lead to dangerous repercussions on regional and international peace and security, as was the case in 2017.

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In this context, Qatar has continually assured its commitment to achieving international peace and security.

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