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Stuck at home? Here are five safe activities for parents and children


With children below the age of 12 not allowed in shopping malls amid concerns over rising Covid-19 numbers, home activities are now more important than ever.

As a busy parent, deciding on the much-anticipated weekend activities can be a daunting difficult task – especially in the middle of a pandemic.

With new restrictions in place that may limit your outdoors plans, we’ve put together a list of five activities that you and your little ones can safely enjoy at home:

Flower arrangement

Source: The Kavanaugh Report

The smell of fresh flowers together with their vibrant colours can always compliment every corner of a home, from the bookshelf, dining table or even kitchen counter. But what is even more beautiful is adding a personal touch – arranging the flowers from scratch together with your own children.

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All you need are random vases or mason jars, a bunch of fresh flowers and your innovative mind. This is both fun and can take up a few hours in an otherwise long and boring day, but it can also help you and your children tap into some much needed creativity.

Cupcake decoration

Source: Cayman Parent

Food brings joy to everyone and everything, especially when children can add their special touch.

The culinary world is wide and your options are plenty – but to help you get started, why not try baking some cupcakes from scratch? If this sounds a little too overwhelming, you could even buy ready-made cupcakes from any grocery store and get a variety of colourful candies and frosting—then leave the rest to your imagination.

This activity will enable your children to spend less time on their screens and utilise their five senses as well as their more artistic side.

DIY bird feeder

It is now summer and birds in the scorching heat will need to make some stops for food. Make your balcony or garden a safe destination for birds by creating these bird feeders with your children.

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There are plenty of DIY bird feeders online that can be created using tools that are easily available at your home! Even better, you can re-use your plastic juice and water bottles instead of throwing them away.

Source: The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Don’t forget you can watch videos and documentaries that can help you and your little ones get to know birds more while making the feeders. This way you can have fun and bring in a little education too.


Source: First Cry Parenting

Being stuck at home will drain your child and they will need to de-stress by releasing their energy. One way can be through singing your hearts out!

Singing and dancing is certainly an activity that can provide a great distraction for both adults and children, especially when the entire family gets involved.

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Get your phones, laptops, or projectors out and play your favourite songs. You can also purchase cheap bluetooth speakers that you can connect to any of your electronic devices for more noise, more fun and a little more audio clarity.

Movie night

Source: Mommy Poppins

While the hardest part may be agreeing on a film, movie nights are possibly the most ideal family events that may provide you with some much-needed downtime at the end of a long and exhausting day.

You can spend the day putting blankets together, creating a fun seating area using pillows, and even make popcorn and ready-made snacks. For a film theatre experience, you can create tiny film tickets that you can also create with your children.

Which activity are you going to be doing this weekend?

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