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Swiss photographers focus on ‘humanitarian principles’ at Doha Fire Station


The international exhibition aims to dig deep into how can art help individuals understand core humanitarian principles. 

A range of unique photographs that resemble hope, humanity and perseverance are being displayed at the Doha Fire Station in a one-of-a-kind exhibition by Swiss artists.

Inaugurated by the Embassy of Switzerland in Qatar, the ‘Humanitarian Principles Here and Now’ art show features the work of 10 photographers that aim to shed light on the importance of humanity through their heart-warming shots.

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The artists examine the impact of these from a fresh, local and contemporary perspective, allowing viewers to open up a discussions on humanitarian struggles and their impact worldwide.

“The 10 Swiss photographers have done some photographs to somehow reflect on the issue of violence, of inspiration, but also of hope, that through the respect of international principles of humanity these violations of human rights can be avoided and ended even in the direst conflict situation,” Swiss Ambassador Edgar Doerig told local news outlet Gulf Times.

Curated by the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland, the contemporary exhibition will be open for the public to visit until 19 October, allowing photography enthusiasts in Qatar to witness artwork that has already been shown in 50 locations around the world, in person.

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“Swiss Embassies throughout the world will have the chance to present Humanitarian Principles. Here & Now in their local context, with every presentation of the contemporary art installation translated into the local language and held in a venue that is open to all publics and free of charge,” Musée de l’Elysée said on their website.

“As such, this project represents an important opportunity to showcase the work of Swiss artists in many countries.”

The contemporary art installation started in Geneva two years ago and aims “to give the visitors a better understanding and deeper insight into the significance that humanitarian principles have in everyday life and provides a space for dialogue on humanity.”

It will be also showcased in countries such as Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Poland, United States, and Japan.

The ten artists include Rebecca Bowring, Mark Henley, Cyril Porchet, Laurence Rasti, Virginie Rebetez, Manon Wertenbroek, Caroline Etter, Yann Gross, Sarah Carp,
and Mathieu Bernard-Reymond.

The official also added that the 10 short films produced by the artists under the same topic can also be seen at the Doha Fire Station cinema, in addition to a symposium on International Humanitarian Law (IHL).

To allow accessibility, visitors can also follow the exhibition via QR codes to see the photos, videos, and reactions of the public in 11 languages.

“It allows us to dive into those humanitarian principles and leads us to think about the impacts of war, natural catastrophes, and more recently, of pandemics and their bearing.”

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