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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Support group formed to ease Amazon adventurers’ return to Qatar

As the online debate over a charity excursion in Brazil continues, a support group of mostly local residents is working to educate the public about Islamic values and advocate against cyber bullying.

Qataris’ Amazon adventure to continue after Vodafone withdraws support

Eleven days into a Brazilian Amazon excursion it initiated, Vodafone-Qatar has backed out of the journey, amid strong criticism from members of the Qatari community who say the trip violates the country's conservative Islamic principles.

Charity endeavor in Brazil sparks cultural debate on Qatari identity

Some locals have been calling on Vodafone to scrap its mixed-gender trip to Brazil, where seven young Qataris are helping to rebuild a school in a remote village. Others say the criticism is unwarranted and overshadows the good that is being done.
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