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Friday, September 24, 2021
Tags Migrant labor

Tag: migrant labor

Expert: Meager food allowances leaving Qatar workers hungry

Adding to the problem is that many blue-collar workers are under pressure to send money home to support their families and pay off debts, leaving them less money to pay for food.

Islamic scholar: Qatar ‘needs to take care’ of its foreign workers

In addition to overhauling its kafala sponsorship system, there needs to be a shift in attitudes so that foreigners are seen and treated as equals, panelists said last night during a discussion hosted by Qatar’s Research Center for Islamic Legislation and Ethics.

Punish employers who don’t pay workers, researcher to tell Qatar gov’t

An expert on Gulf migrants says it’s in the interest of the government and workers alike to make the justice system more accessible and responsive to blue-collar expats with complaints against their employer.
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