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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Tag: Mum Diaries

Dear Mum: You are not selfish for wanting more

Dear Mum, How are you feeling? I hope you’re doing alright. If you’ve had a challenging week, then I hope you are blessed with your moment(s)...

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Meet Qatar’s skating community

Roller blading/skating has become increasingly popular in Qatar as residents seek a fun and interactive way of keeping fit - that can be practiced...

The Round Up | Oct 19, 2020

Top stories this Monday on The Round Up 💉 Free flu vaccine for everyone in Qatar ❌ Unlicensed markets shut down 🤢 20 tonnes of spoiled food...

Qatar’s Health Control Department seizes 20 tonnes of spoiled foodstuffs

Food product found was unsuitable for human consumption. Doha’s Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) seized 20 tonnes of spoiled foodstuffs from warehouses, the ministry...

Free flu vaccine to be provided for all in Qatar

The campaign aims to protect Qatari citizens and residents as the flu season begins Residents and citizens can access free flu shots at Primary Health...