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Monday, December 6, 2021
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Tag: The Misfits


The Round Up | 5 August 2021

All the top stories in Qatar today: 🎞 The Misfits producer receives death threats 💉 WHO calls for vaccine equity 🙏 QRCS provide helping hand to Afghan...

The Misfits film producer Rami Jaber receives death threats following Al Jazeera expose

An anonymous caller threatened to shoot the producer of Emirati-backed film The Misfits, which refers to Qatar as the ‘terrorist supporting’ nation of “Jazeeristan”. Actor...

Al Jazeera exposes ‘political strategy’ behind Emirati-funded film The Misfits

Since Doha News reported on the controversial film, VOX Cinemas confirmed it would no longer be screening the movie in Qatar. Al Jazeera's investigative show...
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