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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Tag: villaggio fire

Following online outcry, ‘Burn’ adverts removed from Villaggio

Photos of the advertisements, shared on Facebook and Twitter, sparked anger among some residents. A few even called for a boycott of both the mall and Coca-Cola products.

A recap of the first Doha News Community Meetup

A diverse crowd of some 100 people gathered for the meeting to mourn the 19 people killed in the Villaggio fire and ask difficult questions about whether the tragedy could have been prevented.

Fire breaks out at Villaggio Mall

A fire broke out at the Villaggio Mall around 11am on Monday morning, according to witnesses. Details are still coming out, and the extent of the damage is still unclear, but by the time it was brought under control at 1:30pm, 19 people had died, mostly children. Here is the latest we have on the blaze.
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