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Monday, January 24, 2022
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The Round Up | 15 August 2021

All the stories making headlines on #TheRoundUp this Sunday: 🇦🇫 Taliban and Afghan gov to discuss power transition 🇱🇧 Qatar community to send aid to Lebanon ✈️...

This four-year-old girl just broke a world record in Qatar

Young Eshal's great achievement was recorded in the International Book of Records of 2021. At just four years old, little genius Eshal Marwa Firos Khan...

Toyota Qatar aims to set world record with largest SUV convoy

The "1 Nation 1 Record" campaign invites residents to sign up to form the world's largest off-road convoy, which involves organizing Landcruisers, Prados and other SUVS into a tightly formed line that travels at least 30km.
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