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Teacher who gave sedative pills to students fired


An investigation was launched last week following a parent’s complaint to authorities after it emerged that students at a private school in Qatar were given drugs by a teacher without parental consent.

Qatar’s ministry of education has dismissed a private secondary school teacher and terminated her services after an investigation found that she had distributed sedative pills to female students. The girls had been given the drugs in an alleged bid to help them deal with anxiety during an exam.

The decision came following a long and thorough probe by authorities after a parent’s complaint was received on 20 November.

As part of the investigation, authorities spoke to all parties concerned, including parents, the teacher in question, the school’s administration, and a random sample of students. Those who received the sedative pills were also questioned in the process to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Probe launched after teacher distributes ‘anxiety pills’ to students

All parties confirmed that the incident took place, but was the first of its kind at the school. The pills were then sent for laboratory examination, which confirmed that they are free from narcotics and prohibited substances.

Action was then taken in accordance with the regulations that prohibit teachers from distributing any medications to students without referring first to their parents.

Such strict policies are enforced to ensure the safety of the students, the ministry added, clarifying that the teacher acted individually and contrary to school policies.

“The Ministry welcomes all comments and inquiries via the Ministry’s website and social media platforms, or by calling the hotline 155,” the ministry said in a press release.

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