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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Theory test introduced for Qatar’s new drivers


Here’s some good news for those who do daily battle on Doha’s roads:

The government has announced the introduction of a new theory test for all driving licence applicants, as part of its first “Driving Guide for Light Vehicles.”

Drivers will not be allowed to take the practical exam until they’ve past the new test.

Crucially, the guide includes information on the importance of seat belt use (we can already hear many of you cheering)  and information on the best ways to cope with rainy weather and poor visibility (we really hope this means the end of hazard lights in fog.)  It also focuses on the danger of using mobile phones whilst driving.

“Unfortunately, there are many drivers who pass the driving tests without being familiar with many of the foundations of safe driving, and the importance of giving signals while turning and changing signals,” says  director of the Traffic Department Brigadier Mohamed Saad al-Kharji.

The state of driving on Doha’s roads is a topic of much debate and upset, if the comments on this article in July are anything to go by.

Twitter has been full of complaints in recent days about incredibly difficult road conditions during the school/work run. It seems we’d all like a solution to Doha’s traffic woes. 

The government will be hoping that improved driving education will reduce the number of accidents, and therefore reduce accident-induced jams on our roads.

Do you think the new theory test will improve matters? 

Credit: Photo by Osama Al Assiry

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