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Friday, January 21, 2022

To tip or not to tip? Driver’s training students at odds over unspoken policy


Doling out small gifts and cash tips to driver’s training instructors in Qatar is now becoming a “necessary evil” to get a quality education, Gulf Times reports.

Expats are at odds over the practice, which most training schools say is prohibited, despite solicitations from instructors.

Some learners complained that tipping trainers constitute an extra burden on them, and added to the already costly training fees…

However, as some see it as a sort of exploitation and abuse, some others have quite a different view.

“If you do not have to and it is up to you, giving your trainer something would be a good token of gratitude for his assistance to you and there is nothing wrong about this,” said a western expatriate.

Tipping is a sensitive issue in Qatar.

Many residents do it to make up for what seems like the unfairly low wages of gas station attendants, cleaners, waiters and other service people.

But others say the practice sets high expectations on workers and puts undue influence on the kind of service all customers get.

And when the issue may be one of life or death, as may be the case with driver’s training, where does one draw the line?

Credit: Photo by Omar Chatriwala

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