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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Top fighters to bring the art of Muay Thai to Qatar this month


Muay Thai demonstration
Muay Thai demonstration

Nine of Thailand’s top fighters and trainers will be in Qatar this month to promote the combat sport of Muay Thai.

On Aug. 20, the group will host workshops, live fight demonstrations and educational sessions at the Grand Hyatt Doha hotel from 1:30pm to 5pm.

Organized in collaboration with the Royal Thai Embassy, Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and local fitness company Evolve, the Muay Thai Roadshow aims to teach residents some pointers on discipline, weight loss and stress relief, organizers said in a statement.

Commonly referred to as the “art of eight limbs,” Muay Thai is a form of martial arts largely characterized by the combined use of one’s fists, elbows, knees and shins.

In the past, the sport also incorporated head butting, but that has since been outlawed.

The event is free and open to men and women, but on a registration-only basis.


Followed by a Wai Khru ceremony, the workshops will feature introductory lessons on self-defense, striking and clinching, along with live fight demonstrations between Thai fighters and locals.

More than 150 attendees are expected, including Thai delegates, members of the Olympic Committee and Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), organizers said.

Muay Thai demonstration
Muay Thai demonstration

Speaking to Doha News, director of business and development at Evolve Rowad Ehlela said the event is the first of its kind in Doha.

“With the support of the Thai government and expert level athletes of the sport, this event proves to be something special,” he added.

Known as Thailand’s national sport, Muay Thai is widely practiced in Southeast Asian countries, and is similar to pradal serey in Cambodia, lethwei in Myanmar, tomoi in Malaysia, and Lao boxing in Laos.

Ehlela told Doha News that Evolve will be offering both regular and private Muay Thai classes for those who wish to sign up for the sport, and a special rate will be applied to those who register on the day of the event.

Those who wish to attend can register by sending an email to info@evolvemindbodysoul.com or through visiting Evolve’s Facebook page.


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