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How to watch the final eclipse of 2016 in Qatar


2011 Penumbral lunar eclipse
2011 Penumbral lunar eclipse

The last eclipse of the year will take place tonight, and residents of Qatar are perfectly positioned to enjoy it.

But according to Qatar Astronomy Club co-founder Jassim Lari, don’t expect a “wow” show, as this type of lunar eclipse is more subtle than what we’re used to.

Speaking to Doha News, he said:

“It isn’t a partial or total eclipse, the most familiar ones (for) people. In this case, the moon only slightly darkens once it crosses the penumbra (outer shadow) of the Earth.”


That said, the upcoming lunar eclipse will coincide with a full moon, so most residents who look to the sky should be able to spot a shadow passing over the celestial body.

Lari said that in Qatar, the eclipse will start around 6:54pm 7:54pm tonight and end around 11:55pm.

No special tools are needed to see it, but people with binoculars or telescopes would find it easier to notice the shading over the moon.


*NoteThis article has been changed to more accurately reflect the start time of the eclipse. It mistakenly said 6:54pm when published.


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