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What caused the loud bang heard around Qatar yesterday?


Photo for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Viju Jose/Flickr

Speculation is rampant after hundreds of residents across the country reported hearing a thunderous noise shortly before 9am on Wednesday morning.

The sound, which could be heard from the Old Airport area to West Bay to the Industrial Area, only lasted a moment.

But it rattled many people because it was so loud and even caused some homes to “shake,” residents said.

Despite requests for comment from the Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Interior and the Qatar Meteorology Department, no official explanation about the noise’s origins has been shared.

Sonic boom

However, the most plausible working theory is that the boom sound came from a plane going so fast that it broke the sound barrier.

Qatar is home to the largest US air base in the region. It also has its own fleet of fighter jets.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Bulent Kavakkoru/Flickr

Others have speculated that the noise was due to construction, or an earthquake, though no seismic activity was recorded in Qatar yesterday.

Anyone know more? Thoughts?

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