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What to know about traffic accidents in Qatar during Ramadan


Photo for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Chantelle D’mello/Doha News

During Ramadan, most traffic accidents in Qatar take place in the morning, not before iftar time as commonly thought.

That’s according to the Qatar Insurance Co. (QIC), which conducted an analysis of last year’s reported accidents and claims data during the fasting month.

It found that over the 30-day period, the most common timings of such incidents were between 9am and noon.

QIC Ramadan accident stats

This coincides with the morning weekday rush, as many people go to work later during Ramadan.

The most dangerous weekdays are Wednesdays and least dangerous are Sundays.

Older men

The analysis also found that men 40 years and older were more likely to get into traffic accidents.

They accounted for about a third of people who make claims.

Photo for illustrative purposes only. Credit: Bark/Flickr

According to QIC:

“Fasting can result in dehydration and low blood sugar, which in turn can limit our attentiveness, concentration, vision and reaction while driving.

In addition to fasting, the unusual eating and sleeping patterns can also cause fatigue, exhaustion, impatience and distraction.”


Company officials offered these pieces of advice to stay safer on the roads this month:

  • Be aware of your own limitations;
  • Be on the lookout for motorists struggling with the same issues and expect the unexpected;
  • Leave early so that you won’t be stressed out and rushing/speeding to your destination; and
  • Always wear your seat belt.

We would add get off your phone, since most accidents in Qatar are caused by motorists who are Instagramming and Whatsapping each other.


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