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What’s keeping you in Qatar?


One year. That’s how long my husband and I planned to stay when we moved here.

But then the economic recession hit.

And the unbearable summer yielded to a perfect winter. And then we built a network of friends. And then we started a family.

And now it’s been four years and where did the time go?

Our story is a common one among expats living in the Gulf, according to a report from Gulf News, which interviewed over a dozen people about the reasons they choose to continue living in the UAE long after swearing to move home.

What keeps them – and us – from leaving?

Gulf News says:

The answer lies in the way the world is changing or, perhaps, not changing. Home is where the heart is.

Today, people seem to be crossing oceans and continents with ease; adaptability has become second nature, so the heart is finding new homes, places, people and friends that become their own.

A psychiatrist has explained it as “global nomadism.” We call it the expatriate syndrome.

Whatever it’s called, I’ve got it. And despite all the complaints people have about Qatar (and we expats just love to complain), most of you seem to have it too.

So what’s keeping you in Qatar? Is it the pay, the people, the lifestyle, the food?

And if you’re Qatari, what is it that makes you never want to call any other place “home?”

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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