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You know you’ve lived in Qatar too long when…



First impressions in Qatar can be jarring, but they are also easy to forget.

That’s the point highlighted by British expat and journalist Philippa Stewart, who wrote a widely circulated piece in the Telegraph this week explaining how time and the humdrumedness of everyday life has caused the novelty of Qatar’s crazy traffic, camels in trucks and searing weather to fade. 

Wondering if you’ve adjusted to life here in Qatar? Here are a few signs, according to Stewart:

  • When you head back to the West, the outfits seem shocking. Not to sound like a prude, but there were shoulders and knees everywhere. Scandalous. Additionally, how do you all not freeze to death?
  • When you get unnaturally excited about Ikea opening. I am not ashamed to admit that I went twice in a fortnight, although potentially I should be.
  • When the working week is Sunday to Thursday. What do you mean my deadline is Friday? That’s just crazy talk. Who works on a Friday?
  • When rain is a cause for a) excitement and b) everyone forgetting how to drive.

Read the full list here.

Agree/disagree? What would you add?

Credit: Photo by Shubert Ciencia

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